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National Formosa University Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace – National Formosa University Central Taiwan Dream Maker Base

  • Base Introduction

        National Formosa University (NFU) has focused on mechanical and electrical engineering since the establishment of the school. The spirit of emphasized “hand-on” has been deep planted. In 2014, under the joint efforts of professors and students in the school, NFU established “Dream-Maker Community” that connecting the laboratories of all departments of the school. Through the satellite factory method, makerspace provides a learning space for all professors and students.

        In 2015, NFU has elected as the Ministry of Education “Central Taiwan Dream Maker Base” and built “Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace“ which up to 1056 square meters. Through the expansion of Making and Learning resources, more innovative concepts and unique thinking can be spread to the entire campus, also further extended to the neighboring partner schools and local communities.

“Cross-disciplinary Innovation x Cooperative Dream Maker”

        “Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace” encourages professors, students and people to understand the educational philosophy that behind the idea of “Maker” and promotes the spirit of hands-on. For the purpose of cross-disciplinary, students from different departments that stationed here exerted their specialty and cooperated with each other, also shared and exchanged their expertise by using the power of community. Unscheduled hold of different self-study experience and sharing activities made “NFU Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace” become Central Taiwan Dream Maker Cluster, let the “Maker” education not only be rooted down, but the breadth and the depth of education can also proceeded in parallel.

“Creation vs. Expertise”

1.  “Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace”

  • Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace sets up all types of “hands-on” implementation areas, and provides an experience space that allows professors and students being a “Maker”.
  • Carried out Cross-Disciplinary Creative Communication Mode.

2.  NFU Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace combines with “NFU Dream Maker”, which transforms innovation practice.

3.  Sharing and Multiplication of Knowledge and Resources, carries out the core value of technical and vocational education.

4.  The establishment of creative teaching community, which achieves creative teaching and promotes learning effectiveness.

NFU Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace Field Introduction

  • Pilot Production

        This field contains PCB circuit board design area, common equipment area and system measurement area. It includes the self-design mechanical structure and apply 3D print output, the traditional processing, digital addition and subtraction processing and other hand-on machines, to strengthen the Integrity of auxiliary processing creative products that produced on every area.

  • VR experience area

        This area equips with Head-Mounted Display Virtual Reality and projection. The base uses computer to simulate three-dimensional virtual world and let the users experience in the virtual situation. Also people can immediately observe everything in the three-dimensional space and can even interact with it without any restrictions. It is currently used to assist in the discussion and development of related projects.

  • Snackbar

        This area has coffee machine, oven, refrigerator, microwave oven and other related functional equipment. It can provide simple hand-made cuisine, light and low-calorie foods and beverages.

  • Creative Thinking Area

        This area is an open space, in this area people can carry out creative ideas, through the creative thinking, and discussion of ideas, to provide a multi-functional creation space.

  • Metalworking area, Woodworking area

        This area provides functional equipment for woodwork and metalwork.

  • NFU Dream Makerspace

        This area is located on the first floor of Scientific Research Building. It has mixed laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and flat paper machine, providing self-study and product prototype proofing service. Makerspace also gives technical support for our schools students, professors and teachers outside the school.

NFU Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace Content Planning

        “NFU Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace” which located in National Formosa University Second Assembly Building B1, is the space of creative implementation promotion. It encourages students to do cross-disciplinary researches, to learn from each other, also initiates self-study and self-sharing activities to cultivate a spirit of practical operation in Maker culture. In addition, effective integration of each Maker spaces and resources in Taiwan, NFU extends the tentacle of “Make”, and allows the breadth and the depth to run parallel, achieved the basis of rooted down, and further made “NFU Cross-Disciplinary Innovation Makerspace” to become Central Taiwan Dream Maker Cluster.


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